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1 to 1 Dog Training & Behaviour

In Godstone, Surrey

Are you struggling with your dog’s recall? Are they constantly on the go? Do they jump at all your guests? Are you lost and unsure of how to help them?

​All of these issues can make you feel frustrated and alone but there is good news!  With professional help, these issues can be resolved. 

That is why I offer bespoke training programmes, which provide ongoing support for you and your dog.  By providing ongoing support (instead of one-off sessions) and working together, the results we will achieve will be effective and long lasting.


I do not promise a quick fix.

To change a long standing behaviour takes commitment, patience and ongoing support.

If you are ready to make that commitment, then I'd love to hear from you.  I offer a free, no pressure 30 minute discovery call for you to discuss your training needs, book here.

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Silver Dog Training - £225