Silver Puppy Training Programme.png

This is our most popular training programme and for good reason.

With 5 hours of professional, 1 to 1 help, you will be able to understand the reason(s) behind your dog’s behaviour, simple changes to help you now and most importantly of all, the long-term training techniques that will improve your dog’s behaviour.

If your dog is struggling with several issues, this is the training programme for you.

What's Included
Lili Chin's: Doggie Language

Learn how to correctly identify your dog's body language, with this small but mighty book. With great drawings, simply explanations you will become an expert at understanding dog body language, facial expressions and gestures.

Members Area

All clients will have access to our members area.  In here you will have access to:

- Manage your training sessions

- Access detailed training guides

- Discover exclusive discounts

And much more!!

5 x 1 Hour Training Sessions

This training programme is made up 5 x 1 hour training sessions.

These sessions will help you understand and resolve your dog’s struggles. The sessions will be tailored to your dogs’ breed and your lifestyle.


To help you get the most from this training programme, you will have access to the following support:

- Private WhatsApp chat

- In-between session support via email/text

- Access to trainer supported Facebook group

Cost - £350

Do you want to discuss your training needs before committing?   Why not book a FREE, no pressure discovery call.

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