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Kids & Dogs

Building Safe & Loving Relationships

Did you know that 1 in 2 kids are bitten by a dog that they know?  Also, a dog is much more likely to be rehomed after the arrival of a new baby into the family home.

            As a parent and dog trainer, I understand how difficult managing a dog whilst raising a kid can be.  That is why I offer 3 different training programmes, involving kids & dogs;

Baby Coming, Dog Ready

Resolve any dog issues BEFORE your baby arrives, manage baby's homecoming & help your dog adjust as your baby grows.

Kids Dog Body Language Course

A 3 week course designed to help your kids understand dogs better.

Kids around Dogs

An 8 week course designed to help your kids overcome their fear of dogs.  This course is mostly online, with 1 in person session, involving me and my dog Tywin (should your kid be ready).

Each of these programmes have been designed to help you, achieve the results you want.  In a force-free, positive way.

I encourage all potential clients to book a free, no-pressure discovery call so we can discuss your needs in detail.


Licensed Family Paws Educator


Baby Coming, Dog Ready - £320 or £590


Kids Dog Body Language Course - £110


Kids around Dogs - £150

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