Baby's on the Way!!

Plan, Prepare & Relax

Are you expecting a baby but worried about how your dog will cope? Does your dog have particular challenges that you’d like to resolve before baby comes home? Or are you just wanting some reassurance and guidance on how to manage your dog whilst your child grows?

By taking action BEFORE your baby arrives, you will massively reduce the amount of stress for everyone in your house (including your dog!).

Before signing up, why not book a free, no pressure discovery call with me to discuss things in more detail?

Baby on the way

This programme will be tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

Do you need to work on lead walking with a buggy? No problem! Does your dog bark for things? I can help!

I will work with you and your dog to resolve these issues before your baby arrives. During this programme, we will also discuss:

- Understand your dog’s body language
- How to manage baby’s homecoming
- Baby See, Baby Do. Understand the importance of modelling
- What proper supervision is
- How to build a support system for you and your dog
- Milestones in your child’s development and the problems they may pose for your dog
- How to give your dog a safe space
- Easy enrichment for your dog
- Success stations
- Realistic expectations
and much more!!

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5 Training Lessons
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Lifetime Support

Price: £350

Payment plans available.  Ask for more details during our discovery call.