Speak Dog

Teach your kids to speak dog

Does your dog growl at your kids? Is your kid constantly getting bitten by your new puppy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our ‘Speak Dog’ programme is for you.

This programme will teach your kids how to speak dog. They will learn to understand a dog’s body language correctly, how to properly interact with a dog and what to do in an emergency.

By helping your kids ‘speak dog’, you will help them develop a safe and loving relationship with dogs.

Speak Dog

These 4 sessions have been designed to help you and your family understand your dog better. Over the 4 sessions you will learn:

- Signs of a happy dog
- Signs of a stressed/anxious dog
- Your dog’s fixit face
- How to greet a dog
- The 3 second hello
- Where to stroke a dog
- Be a tree
- A Kiss to Dismiss
- What does a dog’s growl mean?
- Simple and safe games to play with your dog

There will be easy to complete homework tasks at the end of the first 3 sessions, this homework is designed to cement your learning.

The fourth session will be a meet and greet with my dog Tywin. This will give you and your kids a chance to practice the skills from the previous sessions, safely interact with a big dog and learn how to correctly give a dog treat’s.

A certificate of completion and special badge will be given at the end of session 4.

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Price: £150

Payment plans available.  Ask for more details during our discovery call.