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Welcome to Our New Dog Blog

For a little while now I have been thinking about procrastinating if I’m honest, about starting a blog. Finally, I decided f*** it, if I can help one person then that will be worth it. So here we are…

This first post will explain how the blog will work, topics covered and how you can get involved.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

We will be covering a range of topics including but not limited to:

- Everything to do with puppies

- Everything to do with dogs

- Important training skills to know and how to teach them to your dog

- Updates on the terror that is Tywin

- Great local walks

- Training updates from dogs we work with (client’s permission will be given before)

What if I Don't Understand Dog Training Language?

One thing I pride myself on is being able to explain dog training to my clients in an easy-to-understand way. I mean why do things need to be complicated?

Not everyone has spent hundreds of hours reading dog training books (some are really boring) or given up their weekends to attend a seminar (when they were allowed). That is why the language used in this blog will (hopefully) be easy to understand. If it’s not I expect lots of emails telling me I have failed.

When Will Each Blog Be Published?

My aim for now is for a new blog post to be published on Mondays, the time is tbc currently. The official first blog date will be Monday 17th May.

How Frequently Will We Blog?

It is my aim to publish a blog every 2 weeks. This will allow me to come up with ideas, properly research and get the grammar police (the missus.) to check everything.

What Is the First Topic?

The first topic covered will be puppy socialisation. There is one main reason for this.

Socialisation is the most important learning a dog will ever do. The interactions (& quality of them) will dictate how your dog views the world as they grow up. I am seeing lots of dogs who have not been correctly socialised and it can be upsetting and frustrating.

This topic be split into three blog posts; this will allow me to explain everything in detail without overloading your brains!

Get Involved

If there is a particular topic you would like covered, simply use the below email address and title your email ‘New Blog Idea’

I think that will be enough for now, Tywin is demanding a walk so I better go and serve his lordship.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will enjoy everything we have planned.

The Buttons & Leash Team (Mainly me as I typed all this up)

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