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Rescue Dog Support

Learn how to help your rescue dog

Rescuing and welcoming a dog into your home, is one the most selfless acts a person can do.  Unfortunately, rescue dogs (in particular overseas rescue dogs) can struggle to adapt to their new surroundings and their new way of life.

Fear of people. Incredibly High Prey Drive.  Aggression towards other dogs.  Guarding of People, Places & Food.

These are just some of the challenges that owners of rescue dogs can face.  Helping them can be equally as challenging.

The good news is with the right approach, some understanding and lots of patience, you can help your dog.  I will be there to guide you every step of the way, offering tailored training plans and most importantly support.

As a rescuer, you will receive a special discount on our training programmes.  (see details below)

If you would like to discuss your rescue dog, please book a free, no pressure 30 minute discovery call.

Guidance Session

Rescue Dog Guidance Session

Want to discuss your training needs before committing?   
Why not book a FREE, no pressure discovery call.

Buttons & Leash Dog Training & Behaviour – Redhill, Surrey
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