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Welcoming a rescue dog into your home, is a truly wonderful thing to do. 


Some rescue dogs will settle easily into their new homes without a problem.  Unfortunately, most rescue dogs will have never experienced living in human home and they will be completely overwhelmed at first. 


They are also likely to be exposed to situations which are alien to them.  Vet visits, meeting family members, trips in the car, wearing equipment (harnesses, leads etc.) & trips to the park.  These situations can prove to be extremely stressful and overwhelming for most rescue dogs.  And confusing for owners.


That’s where I come in. 


I will help you, help your rescue dog settle into their new home.  I will also help you understand why your dog is doing certain behaviours, how to introduce them to new experiences and help you make their walks more enjoyable.

Cost - £300
What's Included
Lili Chin's: Doggie Language

Learn how to correctly identify your dog's body language, with this small but mighty book.

Understanding your dogs body language & stress signals will allow you to build a relationship based on trust and understanding.

5 x 1 Hour Training Sessions

This programme consists of 5 - 1 hour training sessions.  The sessions will be tailored to you and your rescue dog's needs.

The sessions will usually be spread out over a 2 - 3 month period or longer!

Members Area

All clients will have access to our members area.  In here you will have access to:

- Manage your training sessions

- Access detailed training guides

- Discover exclusive discounts

And much more!!

Lifetime Support

To help you and your rescue, you will have access to the following support:

- Private WhatsApp chat

- In-between session support via email/text

- Lifetime access to a trainer supported Facebook group.

My Rescue Clients

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